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Re: matlab pitch/stretch

On Wed, Jul 17, 2002 at 10:53:18PM -0700, John Hershey wrote:
> Hi all,
> I find my self suddenly in need of high quality Matlab code to pitch shift
> arbitrary sounds for use as experimental stimuli, while preserving the
> temporal dynamics.  I could equivalently use time-stretch code and resample
> back to the original time scale to get a pitch shift.  I am aware that there
> are several techniques for doing this - phase-vocoder, granular resynthesis,
> other signal models... Who has some matlab code for their favorite
> technique?

I have an app. for doing this, which can be called by a system command
from matlab or octave.
Please note it is a time stretching algorithm which WILL alter pitch
related information if resampled ....
Further information and downloads are available from here :


> Thanks,
> John


WSOLA TimeScale Audio Mod  : http://mffmtimescale.sourceforge.net/
FFTw C++                   : http://mffmfftwrapper.sourceforge.net/
Vector Bass                : http://mffmvectorbass.sourceforge.net/
Multimedia Time Code       : http://mffmtimecode.sourceforge.net/