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inharmonic partials

Dear list,
I'm currently working on material recognition from non-synthetic impact
As decay time of the partials is thought to be a relevant cue to material
recognition, I'd need to measure this signal feature from my recordings. The
best way to do this would be to extract a deterministic representation of my
signals, but I couldn't find any useful partial extraction algorithm. Most
of them make an harmonicity assumption while my signals are highly
inharmonic (even though with highly defined partials).
I was also thinking about connected component analysis, but I found only
works that use this technique for image processing.
I'd appreciate if anybody can give me some hint to resolve this problem.
Thanks in advance,

Bruno L. Giordano - PhD student
Dipartimento di Psicologia Generale
Via Venezia 8 - 35131 Padova
tel. +39 0498276671
e-mail: bruno.giordano@unipd.it