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Re: musical hallucinations

>From what you describe of Your friend it sounds like he was having typical schzoid
episode.  Did these voices command him to do things too?
I guess another thing one'd worry about is if your friend is doing alot of coke.
Since you're not hearing voices though I wouldn't think that
it is all that simular (neurologically) to what your friend was experiencing.

======================U wrote:=====================================
Hi all,

Last year I had a friend who during stress situations used to listen
voices whispering in his ears, telling him things not in a standard way
(sentences with words) but (seems to be) fragments of sounds and words.
It was very difficult for me to believe him due to my lack of
comprehension of his experience. Now, it turned to be myself who has
been experiencing some "sound halucinations".
I've been listening, especially at night, in quiet places, but without
any regularity, sound of cathedral bells, distant, very similar to the
way churches ring their bells calling people to the mass. I have also
listened to these bells at work, in the afternoon, immersed in
traditional electro appliances noise (like computer fans, air
conditioning system, which are supposed to be continuous and stationary
noise). Coincidently (or not) a kind of visual halucination has also
manifested during these monthes, not periodic or regular at all, an
experience of seeing some small white balls which passes along the
superior corner of my left eye. This has happened about 6 times in the
last 4 monthes. I have never experienced these things before, but I am
sure there are reasonable explanations to them, such as the ones running