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Research Assistant position

Here is a research assistant position that may be of interest to some
readers of this group:

EEG Research Assistant/Technician
Infant Auditory Lab
McMaster University

We are seeking a Research Assistant in the Infant Auditory Lab to assist
in research on basic auditory perception and the perception of speech and
music.  The Research Assistant would work mainly in the EEG lab, where we
use electrophysiological methods to study the development of hearing in
infants, children, and adults.  Duties would include booking and
confirming appointments, recording EEG in infants as they listen to the
sounds in our various studies, helping to analyze the EEG data, basic
administration of the lab's computers, and keeping the lab running
smoothly.  We are looking for someone with a Bachelor's Degree in
Psychology or a related field who is personable, organized, experienced
with infants, professional with parents, and has some knowledge of how
research is conducted.  Experience with EEG recording and linux/unix is
helpful, but not essential, as we will provide the necessary training. The
position is available for September, 2002 (exact date to be negotiated).
Salary will be dependent upon experience.  Please mail, email, or FAX a
resume, the names of three references, and one (unofficial) copy of
university transcripts to:

Dr. Laurel Trainor
Department of Psychology
McMaster University
Hamilton, ON, L8S 4K1
FAX: 905-529-6225
email: LJT@mcmaster.ca