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Postdoc MARCS & CSIRO, Australia - Call for expressions of interest

Australian Research Council (ARC) CSIRO Linkage ­
Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship

Call for Expressions of Interest

Tenable at MARCS Auditory Laboratories, University of Western Sydney,
Australia & Mathematical & Information Sciences (MIS) Division of the
Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

Project Title:
i) Auditory Information in Multi-Modal Immersive Environments for Training:
Implementation and Evaluation of Spoken Instructions & Feedback;
ii) Data Mining of Spoken Language.

Expressions of interest are sought from recent PhD graduates to submit an
application for an ARC Linkage-Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship (APDC) to
work on either of these three-year collaborative projects between the
Mathematical & Information Sciences (MIS) Division of the Commonwealth
Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) (www.csiro.au/) and
MARCS Auditory Laboratories at the University of Western Sydney

The Project
The first project will involve implementation and systematic evaluation of
auditory information in a complex immersive environment.  The innovative
approach will draw on experimental and behavioural techniques to develop a
suite of valid and reliable evaluation tools and technologies.  The second
project will develop new tools for automatic extraction and categorisation
of information from web and media archives of English speech.

The postdoctoral fellow will have the opportunity to collaborate with
leading researchers in information science, auditory perception, and speech
science and will: 
- be active participants of MARCS and CSIRO R & D groups;
- have access to leading speech and VR technology; and
- develop their academic standing and research profile through supervision
of graduate students, attendance at national and international conferences,
and publication of research findings.

The Applicant
We are seeking a recent PhD graduate with research experience in: AI, VR,
Speech Science, or Computer Science, and an interest in and aptitude for
instructional design and behavioural studies.

Eligibility Criteria for APDC Fellowships
Both Australian and non-Australian researchers may apply for an APDC to
commence in 2003 if:
- they have been awarded a PhD since March 1, 1999, or
- they have not yet submitted their PhD thesis but are due to do so before
the end of 2002

MARCS Auditory Laboratories is a vibrant research centre at the University
of Western Sydney, Bankstown.  The 48 staff and students of MARCS conduct
basic and applied research on auditory perception and cognition with
particular focus on speech and music.  MARCS comprises: Speech and Language
Lab; Hearing & Auditory Processes Lab; Music Cognition Lab; Communicative
Musicality Lab; Speech Technology Lab; Human Factors & Performance Lab; Baby
Lab; and Second Language Acquisition Lab.  For details visit

Mathematical & Information Sciences Division of CSIRO specialises in
mathematics, statistics and IT research to benefit Australian industry.
Researchers in the division have expertise in computer science and
engineering, applied mathematics, statistics and related disciplines.
Research and service delivery areas include: data mining; bioinformatics;
data integration; scheduling; simulation and modelling; computational fluid
dynamics; remote sensing; image analysis; expert systems; human-computer
interaction; virtual; environments; mobile communication; spatial
information systems.  For details see: http://www.csiro.au/

1.    Contact Professor Denis Burnham, Director MARCS Auditory Laboratories:
d.burnham@uws.edu.au or Dr Cécile Paris, Senior Principal Research
Scientist, CSIRO-MIS: cecile.paris@csiro.au

2.    By October 1, submit:
- CV including list of publications and name and contact details of 2
- Two-page summary of doctoral research program and details of any other
relevant research experience

Applications for APDC close October 18, 2002.
Offers will be made in April for commencement by August 31, 2003.

Dr Kate Stevens
School of Psychology & MARCS Auditory Labs
University of Western Sydney - Bankstown Campus
Locked Bag 1797
South Penrith DC NSW 1797 Australia

Phone:  (+612) 9772 6324  Fax: (+612) 9772 6736
Email:  kj.stevens@uws.edu.au
MARCS:  www.uws.edu.au/marcs/
AMPS:   www.uws.edu.au/marcs/amps/AMPS_home.htm