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portable audiometers

Dear Audio Folks,

Brief question: Does anyone have any suggestions for a
lightweight/portable audiometer? We will be doing auditory perception
experiments out in the field and need to quickly test the hearing of our

For comparison, we have looked at:
Maico MA25
Interacoustics AS 208/216
MicroAudiometrics DSP Pure Tone Audiometer

Thanks in advance,

Bruce Walker, Ph.D.         bruce.walker@psych.gatech.edu
School of Psychology              (404) 894-8265 (office)
Georgia Institute of Technology      (404) 894-8905 (fax)
Atlanta, Georgia, 30332-0170        (404) 874-1618 (home)
    Web:  http://sonify.psych.gatech.edu/~walkerb/