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Re: Pitch orientation-discriminating feature detectors?

Dear Al and Pierre,

Al wrote:
On what scale were the frequency excursions? If it was a
log-frequency scale, as I suspect it was, it is possible that the
difference would disappear or be reversed if you swept up and
down on a linear scale. What is the justification for the scale
that you actually did use for the excursions?

In all these experiments on FM perception, the ascending and descending glides were indeed symmetric on a LOG-frequency scale. It was decided to do so simply because the auditory scale of frequency is more similar to a log scale than to a linear scale. Using a linear scale rather than a log scale, what one would logically expect to find is a LARGER --rather than smaller-- perceptual asymmetry between frequency peaks and troughs.

Pierre wrote:
Stay away from citing articles published in the Journal of Auditory
Research -- that "cabbage leaf"

That's a bit harsh! Sometimes good papers are published in bad journals and vice versa. As a matter of fact, the Rupp paper quoted by Daniel is very interesting.

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