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upward vs. downward frequency changes

Dear list,

during the past couple of days I followed a discussion on "upward" vs.
"downward" frequency glides. Let me just add yet another piece of
psychophysical (behavioral) evidence:

Using simple auditory reaction-time, David Emmerich and I found that
people responded faster to upward than to downward frequency shifts (on
the order of 4-20 Hz). In our discussion and through corroborative
experiments, we interpreted this asymmetry within the framework of
Zwicker's excitation-pattern model.

For those interested, the reference is:

Ellermeier, W. & Emmerich, D.S. (1993). Reaction times to unidirectional
frequency changes: A test of Zwicker's excitation-pattern model. Journal
of the Acoustical Society of America, 94(6), 3144-3152.


Wolfgang Ellermeier

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