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Re: free field

Dear List:

Bill Hartmann has pointed out a terminology error in my prior post,
wherein I mentioned the problem of standing waves in a "free field",
which is technically anechoic by definition and would thus have no
standing waves.  Of course, I meant open field in a typical room
with reflective boundaries.

Thanks, Bill, for keeping me on my toes!

On 6 Nov 02, at 10:21, W. M. Hartmann wrote:

> Hi Robert Masta,
>       I think there's an error in your message sent to the
> auditory list today. It mentions standing waves in a free field.
>       According to ANSI acoustical terminology article 6.06
> a free field is a "field in a homogeneous, isotropic medium free from
> boundaries."
>       Therefore, there are no standing waves in a free field.
>       Please send a correction to the auditory list.
> Best wishes,
> Bill

Robert Masta

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