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Re: What do we hear in High frequency hearing

At 9:47 -0800 7/11/02, Brian Gygi wrote:
Although it's certainly possible that some information from > 20 kHz is
audible through bone conduction or standing waves or just healthy cochlea,
what is it exactly that people are hearing in that range?  Not pitches,
from all the available evidence.  Perhaps it is just a presence of some
sort that adds to the timbre, which would explain the decline in sound
quality some musicians report (I'm not aware of any rigorous tests of this,
tho - does anyone have a reference?).
Ask Larry Scadden (NSF) about this. He has taken measurements in that
range. When an FM bat hovers in front of my face and paints me with
echolocation calls, I can feel 'something', but it's probably air
Harry Erwin, PhD, Senior Lecturer of Computing, University of
Sunderland. Computational neuroscientist modeling bat bioacoustics
and behavior. <http://www.cet.sunderland.ac.uk/~cs0her/index.html>