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Re: In search of an article

My sincere apology.
I believe the website of JASA is accessible only to the subscribers, and some music libraries (as I am a music major) are not subscribed to the journal yet.
I am grateful for everybody who responded me privately. I do appreciate your help and advise.
Ju-Lee Hong
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Dear list members

I hate to be grumpy about this, but why are inquiries being directed to the list for something which is easily findable on the internet? If you put the name of the journal into Google, the appropriate site is the first one to show up. Do we need to instruct our students about how to look up easily obtainable information, rather than create additional noise on the list?

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Dear Ju-Lee Hong,

The last several years of JASA papers are all available online.  Quickest
access to B. Repp's papers is probably via the search engine:


Typing "B. Repp" in the author field generates a list of his papers, the last
five of which are in PDF format for printing (and the one you want is there).

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Please use new e-mail address from now on:


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