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Re: Modulation as grouping characteristic

We have made good use of AM as a grouping cue recently.  One paper
describing this is:

Hu G. and Wang D.L. (2002): "Monaural speech segregation based on
pitch tracking and amplitude modulation," Proceedings of  ICASSP-02,
pp. I.553-I.556.

A more recent version will be presented at NIPS next week. But
a comprehensive description is in a technical report (including
audio demo), which was announced to this list a few months ago.

All of the above can be found in my webpage.



"Marguerite.Smith" wrote:

> Dear List,
> I am looking at the possible use of FM and AM to distinguish between
> components in a multi-source complex tone, particularly musical signals.
> This seems to have been looked at in the early 1990s (Vercoe, McAdams,
> Ellis, among others), but I have been unable to find many more recent (say,
> post-1997) publications.
> If anyone knows of work in this area, I would appreciate it if you would
> email me directly with details of the references. If anyone else would like
> the information, I will gladly collate and distribute the information I
> have/receive.
> Thank you very much,
> Marguerite Smith

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