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Re: The Bach Choral Dilemma

Bariolage is a term describing back and forth motion between strings and is
a bowing technique.  I was speaking of a pedal tone, which is simply what I
described and is a very different thing...it lasts longer and doesn't
alternate every other note.

>From: "Maher, Rob" <rmaher@ECE.MONTANA.EDU>
>Subject: Re: The Bach Choral Dilemma
>Date: Tue, Jan 28, 2003, 11:43 AM

> susan allen wrote:
>> It's interesting to note that what you all are calling
>> "streaming effect" is really a pedal tone effect, much like
>> if one were playing an organ with the pedal tone sustained
>> underneath melodic fancies...this is the way Bach wrote for
>> strings and single line instruments...please note he was an
>> organist.
>> ...
> My recollection is that this arco playing technique is called "notes in
> bariolage" among string players.  The rocking bowing motion goes from one
> string to another alternately to play the interleaved notes.
> Incidentally, I believe the prelude of the Cello Suite #1 often has the
> repeated note higher than the moving line--sort of a flipped pedal tone.
> Rob Maher