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New positions in Acoustics

Dear colleagues

I am happy to announce a number of new positions:

"Associate and Assistant Professors in Acoustics

Applications are invited for a number of positions at the level of Associate Professor and at the level of Assistant Professor, available from May 1, 2003 or soon after.
Research activities for the positions are allocated to one of two major research programmes at the department:
 - ‘Sound Quality’ with research within sound quality evaluation, product sound or reproduced sound.
 - 'Human sound perception' with research in effects of noise, 3D binaural sound and audiometric
The teaching activities can be at all levels within the Institute of Electronic Systems and the department.
Applicants should be aware that it is necessary to read the full text at http://www.auc.dk/stillinger/ for these positions before applying. For further information please contact Head of Department: Sofus Birkedal Nielsen tel: +45 9635 8710.

Application deadline: with the morning post by March 14, 2003."

The full text should be put at the web page some time during tomorrow Friday. Please feel free to distribute the information to your colleagues. We look forward to seeing applications from many well qualified candidates.

Best regards

Henrik Møller


Henrik Møller

Department of Acoustics
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