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Re: Can a timbre affected by a shifted virtual pitch evoked by double-spaced harmonics?

At 15:27 24.02.2003 -0600, beauchamp james w wrote:

>Just to understand the nomenclature here, by "autocorrelation" do we
>mean autocorrelation of the pressure signal waveform?


When I used the terms cross-correlation and autocorrelation I referred to
the original meaning in mathematics and in belonging tools for general use.

I beg your pardon for not yet having clearly enough distanced myself from
what I consider inappropriate use of correlation methods and also from what
I consider the stupid purely spectral point of view including the notion of
localized templates to be learned and matched. I am convinced: In order to
approach a solid understanding of hearing we have to realize that there are
two steps.
The first one is spectral analysis within the Organ of Corti, and it can be
described as Fourier Cosine Transform.
The second one is neurally implemented in at least two areas of dynamic
spectro-temporal coincidence: superior olivar complex and cortex. The
cortical correlational analysis may also be modeled as inverse Fourier
Cosine Transform.

So I imagine the cortex largely performing autocorrelation of the spectrum
rather than of the pressure signal waveform.