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Re: Can a timbre be affected by a shifted (virtual) pitch evoked by double-spaced harmonics?

Dear all,

About the possible contribution of (virtual) pitches on a music timbre, there is a sound example at http://server37.hypermart.net/berlin-music/ex/
This tone was produced by the Chinese membrane flute. Its power spectrum and autocorrelation function are compared.

The autocorrelation shows at least three pitches: f0 = 589.6 Hz, 2f0+delta = 1341 Hz and the center frequency of the formant f1 = 5038 Hz. However, only f0 evokes a robust pitch sensation. The other two pitch sensations may be so weak that they may only contribute to the timbre perception of this tone.

Apart from the formant cognition in vowels, I have no experience of interpreting a timbre in terms of the autocorrelation. Many thanks for any help!
Chen-Gia Tsai