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Re: Listening Tests

The goal in audio watermarking is that the listener should not distinguish
any difference between the original audio from the watermarked one. Now to
test this, I mean, should a same-different test do? Are there other tests
more suitable and generously documented and has its free gui implementation?
I don't have ITU access. Thanks.

Lawrence Miranda

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From: "Søren Bech" <SBE@bang-olufsen.dk>
To: "Lawrence Miranda" <lawrence.miranda@UP.EDU.PH>;
Sent: Tuesday, February 25, 2003 11:10 AM
Subject: Re: Listening Tests

> A good source to begin with is the ITU-R recommendation BS.1116 - This
> standard was developed for listening tests on low bit-rate codecs with
> small impairments. I don't know what type and magnitude of impairments you
> are planning to examine but if they are larger there is another ITU-R
> standard (not accepted yet) for that: BS.[DOC.6/106(rev.1)-E](1534)
> You can obtain these docs at the ITU web page
> Hope this helps
> Best from
> Soren
> Dear List,
> What are the proper/most accurate listening tests to test the audibility
> a watermaked audio signal? I would greatly appreciate any links to
> resources/papers/tutorials/matlab codes for gui/source codes  to conduct
> the
> listening tests.