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Re: Paired Comparisons

Try the following references:

Guilford, J.P.  (1954) Psychometric Methods especially Chapt. 7

Torgerson, W.S (1958) Theory and Methods of Scaling

Those should be enough to start you off.  Let me know if you have any other questions.


At 02:45 PM 3/18/2003 +0000, ZL Handley wrote:

I am currently evaluating the use of speech synthesis for computer-
assisted language learning. I want to do some percetual tests
using the paired comparison technique. I understand the basic
technique but have not found any information on how to analyse the
results of such tests. I was wondering whether anyone could point
me to an article or text book that would explain how to do this.


Zoe Handley
PhD by research (subject: Evaluation of speech synthesis for computer assisted langauge learning)
Centre for Computational Linguistics - MB/C25c
UMIST PO Box 88  Manchester M60 1QD UK