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Multi-tasking references

Here at Vanderbilt we are in the process of planning a study concerning multi-tasking with reference to typical tasks required in musical performance. We will be looking at the early learning tasks (sight reading, problem solving, problematic note sequences and rhythms) and then comparing these to the ability to multitask after the typical synthesis, chunking, and memorization that enable smooth performance.
Any references, even tangental, would be helpful. I have collected several, but I'm sure I'm overlooking a treasure trove that our brain trust knows all about.
Lawrence Borden
Vanderbilt University
Blair School of Music
Nashville, TN  37206
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Try the following references:

Guilford, J.P.  (1954) Psychometric Methods especially Chapt. 7

Torgerson, W.S (1958) Theory and Methods of Scaling

Those should be enough to start you off.  Let me know if you have any other questions.


At 02:45 PM 3/18/2003 +0000, ZL Handley wrote:

I am currently evaluating the use of speech synthesis for computer-
assisted language learning. I want to do some percetual tests
using the paired comparison technique. I understand the basic
technique but have not found any information on how to analyse the
results of such tests. I was wondering whether anyone could point
me to an article or text book that would explain how to do this.


Zoe Handley
PhD by research (subject: Evaluation of speech synthesis for computer assisted langauge learning)
Centre for Computational Linguistics - MB/C25c
UMIST PO Box 88  Manchester M60 1QD UK