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Re: unpleasant sounds

Dear Bruno

This is very odd indeed. You're right, the EJN web site does not have the paper. However, I just spoke with the senior author, and he assures me that these page numbers, as listed within Medline, are indeed correct. He even has the physical reprints to prove it! So computer gremlins are maliciously at work once again it appears! Anyway, if you or anyone is very interested, you can contact Steve Frey directly at: stephen@bic.mni.mcgill.ca



At 11:04 02/04/03 -0800, you wrote:
Hi Robert:

I wanted to look this article up but could not find it in this issue with these page numbers.

Frey S. Kostopoulos P. Petrides M.
Orbitofrontal involvement in the processing of unpleasant auditory information. European Journal of Neuroscience. 12(10):3709-12, 2000


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