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music excerpt listening expts


I'm running a project that aims to investigate the perception of audio
engineering processes in a rigorous experimental framework.  My literature
search so far has not turned up as much material as I imagine has been
carried out in this area.

I'm looking for previous work/articles that uses short excerpts of recorded
music (2 - 10 sec) in a perceptual task (such as a discrimination task).
I'd expected, for example, pair-discrimination experiments would have been
used to evaluate perceptual coding (i.e. MP3) systems, and demonstrate
perceptual equivalence, but I couldn't turn much directly applicable up
(though I recently found a useful paper by Ken Steele).

Any pointers to authors or labs (or even refs) for work in this area would
be greatly appreciated.  As is the norm I will collate all responses and
post to the list if there is interest.

Rua HM.

Rua Haszard Morris
Software Engineer & Research Assistant
Ph: +61 2 97726723 Fax: +61 2 97726326
MARCS Auditory Laboratories