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i have joined this list to ask one question! :)

i'm configuring an audio processing effect in the common vst format using
the synthedit modular system ( http://www.synthedit.com ) which will allow
the sequencing of formant filtering in realtime on any incoming signal, the
intention being to create an easily programmable singing or speech effect.
as is everything i create, this project is freeware and will be open source.

i'm seeking a 'dictionary' of formant frequency values comprising an
english-speaking phonym set.. while i do not have an academic background, i
understand that this is rather arbitrary, given the organic variation.. but
i thought it would be much better to approach the project with averaged data
as opposed to measuring my own formants..

specifically, what i'm seeking is data along the lines of..

'W' f1=250Hz, f2=750Hz, f3=2500Hz
'R' f1=300Hz, f2=650Hz, f3=1200Hz
et c. (my data is currently incomplete! :)

which will be augmented with dc bursts for plosives, filtered noise for
fricatives, variable slew rates and so forth, with an interface that will
make programming easily understandable to non-linguists :)  i don't have
high expectations of the resultant intelligibility, and will be including a
tutorial on configuring user-formant values. i can guarantee that the
project will create high interest amongst software synthesists..

if anyone wants to help out or point me towards some data, i'd be quite
grateful! :)