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Cochlear nerve and OCB axonal diameters in people


I am trying to estimate the neural transmission speeds in the type-I
and type-II axons of people.
As I understand it they are dependent on diameter :

Can anyone state a reference or estimate the axonal thickness of the
following (preferably for people) :
a] type-I (microns): 2.0 Gerbil, 1.75 mouse [1]
b] type-II (microns): 0.5 Gerbil, 0.5 mouse [1]
c] MOC (microns) :
d] LOC (microns) :

[1] @Article{Brown:1988,
  author =       {Brown, M.C. and Berglund, A.M. and Kiang, N.Y. and
Ryugo, D.K.},
  title =        {Central trajectories of type II spiral ganglion
  journal =      {The Journal of Comparative Neurology},
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