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multi-pitches of quasi-periodic musical tone

Dear list,

I am analyzing multi-pitches of musical tones which are predominated by 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, and/or 13th harmonics. Multi-pitches of these quasi-periodic complex tones have been transcribed with the help of autocorrelation. However, it seems that stream segregations due to multi-pitches is noticeable, but the perceived pitches are ambiguous.

An example of Chinese flute music with multi-pitches is at http://server37.hypermart.net/berlin-music/ex/mp0.zip
The transcription is at http://server37.hypermart.net/berlin-music/ex/mp_0.pdf

Small notes above the prominent F0 pitches are determined according to the "streams" in the autocorrelogram. I found that it is difficult to compare the perceived pitches to the musical notes in the transcription.

Any suggestions and/or references are much appreciated.

Chen-Gia Tsai