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Re: multi-pitches of quasi-periodic musical tone

Chen-gia TSAI wrote:

> An example of Chinese flute music with multi-pitches is at
> The transcription is at

Thanks, Chen. This is interesting material. It shows very nicely the unique
musical and acoustical characteristics of this highly sophisticated flute.

By the way, the spectral features are not so much a question of register,
but depend mostly on the applied blowing technique of the artist. This
becomes obvious in the Eb of the first line and the F-Eb-F in the second

As to the question of multiple pitches in one sound, I do not hear any. I
hear always one F0 pitch, and sometimes additional high-frequency
components. I tried to find out if these were caused by single partials or
by partial combinations. This turned out to be impossible, though, because
of the (non-octave-related !!) Cent scaling on the y-axis of the sonograms.
Could you perhaps add here a frequency scale in octaves (500, 1000, 2000 Hz,
etc.)? After that I would try again.


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