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Re: Multichannel Sound

While we are on the topic of sound files... Can anyone suggest where I
can find multi-channel sound files ("multi" being greater than two
(stereo))? I would like to use them to extract space/localisation cues.


Brian Gygi wrote:
At 08:32 AM 6/3/2003 +0200, Ladislava Janku wrote:

Dear all,

I am interested in auditory scene analysis and I am looking for some
free accessible databases of environmental sounds (wind, ocean, birds,
traffic, cars, trains, airplanes, applaus, etc.) . Does anobody know
where is poossible to obtain such data?

Tnaks for your advice.

Ladislava Janku

Research Scientist
Czech Technical University in Prague
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
The Dept. of Cybernetics
Centre of Excellence MIRACLE
Technicka 2

If you do a google search on 'free sounds effects' you will find a lot
links.  A lot of companies that sell sound effects CDs offer free ones
on the Net.  The quality is variable, but there are some ones that are
usable for research.  One good site is

A page with a lot of links to free sound effects libraries is http

http://www.findsounds.com/ will let you search for a particular sound,
specifying sampling rate and file type

Cornell University has a library of natural sounds,

I hope these help
D. Sen,