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Laptop sound cards

Dear list members,

We are looking to get a sound card for a laptop. We would appreciate any



Satrajit S. Ghosh
Department of Cognitive and Neural Systems, Boston University

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Subject: Re: Multichannel Sound

While we are on the topic of sound files... Can anyone suggest where I
can find multi-channel sound files ("multi" being greater than two
(stereo))? I would like to use them to extract space/localisation cues.


Brian Gygi wrote:
> At 08:32 AM 6/3/2003 +0200, Ladislava Janku wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> I am interested in auditory scene analysis and I am looking for some
>> free accessible databases of environmental sounds (wind, ocean, birds,
>> traffic, cars, trains, airplanes, applaus, etc.) . Does anobody know
>> where is poossible to obtain such data?
>> Tnaks for your advice.
>> Ladislava Janku
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> If you do a google search on 'free sounds effects' you will find a lot
> links.  A lot of companies that sell sound effects CDs offer free ones
> on the Net.  The quality is variable, but there are some ones that are
> usable for research.  One good site is
> http://www.a1freesoundeffects.com/
> A page with a lot of links to free sound effects libraries is http
> <http://www.stonewashed.net/sfx.html>://www.stonewashed.net/sfx.html
> <http://www.stonewashed.net/sfx.html>
> http://www.findsounds.com/ will let you search for a particular sound,
> specifying sampling rate and file type
> Cornell University has a library of natural sounds,
> http://www.birds.cornell.edu/lns/
> I hope these help

D. Sen,