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Re: Bite-induced pitch shift?


Thanks for your observations on pitch shift.  I'm curious why a shape
change of the external auditory canal should be implicated.  Does
this effect only apply to broadband signals, such that changing the
canal's resonant frequency might give a "formant" change in the
spectral shape?  I can't see how it could change the pitch of a
pure tone, unless the basilar membrane is also deformed somehow.


On 8 Jul 03, at 17:42, Thomas G Brennan wrote:

> I neglected to say that this seems to be caused by alteration to the shape
> and/or position of the external auditory canal by the mandibular condyle.
> Tom
> Tom Brennan KD5VIJ, CCC-A/SLP R/D - AU
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Robert Masta

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