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Re: any ideas?

Dear Peter and all,

> I've not heard of a 'deafhearing' equivalent to
> blindsight - if such equivalence were established,
> it would be quite significant for models of
> auditory perception!

Have a look at for instance

   M. M. Garde and A. Cowey, "Deaf hearing": Unacknowledged
   detection of auditory stimuli in a patient with cerebral
   deafness, Cortex, Vol 36, pp. 71-80, 2000. PDF online at


   (presented also earlier at the Tucson 1998 conference on

BTW, although a bit off-topic: blindsight expert Petra
Stoerig will soon be telling about her work with The vOICe
on German radio (WDR 5, Leonardo). So stay tuned...

Best regards,

Peter Meijer

Seeing with Sound - The vOICe