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Dear list,

Happy new year to all of you. I have a friend who is having a very strange
problem. It involves not only auditory mechanism, but also vision. But i
thought it might be worthwhile to send it to this list. I have seen a lot
of emails on this group talking about tinnitus but none which talked of
problems with both vision and audition. It would be very helpful for him
if anyone of you can offer any insight/explanation about what could
possibly be wrong, and how can he get it corrected. The text of his mail
is as follows:

Some strange observations written here...

Over a couple of last few days, I have been seeing
some colors/radiations/(electromagnetic?)field around
all objects and ppl around me. The field around
objects appears to remain same, however, it expands or
shrinks close to a person's head ranging from around 1
inch to 1 ft.

I also seem to listen to strange sounds that has a
very different frequency range as compared to the
sounds around us. That seems plain noise to me and I
can't make sense out of it. However it doesnot affect
as I listen it less when I choose to be more aware of
sounds from surrounding objects....

Thanks in advance,

Tarun Pruthi
Graduate Research Assistant, ECE
Room 1301, A V Williams Building
University of Maryland, College Park
MD 20742 USA
Email: tpruthi@glue.umd.edu
Web: www.ece.umd.edu/~tpruthi
Ph: 301-405-0233