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Can you do me a favor

      Sorry to bother you, Our group is doing algorithms on signal
processing for hearing aid based on microphone array. firstly we need some
multi-microphone data for analysis, yet up to now, our group don't have the
condition for collecting data. could you offer help to us?

       I need about 8 omnidirectional microphones (or fewer microphones,
but at least 4 microphones) sampling speech signal simultaneously. The
sample rate for each is 16KHz. The A/D has at least 14 bits resolution.

       Furthermore, I need the data sampled at a special room with little
reverberation. the wall and the floor can absorb sound as much as possible.
This requirement is necessary for all the beamforming algorithms at present
have a poor performance in a room with a strong echo.

       The microphones is placed linearly, with a uniform space of 2cm
between each other.

       the speech data recorded had better be mixed with background noise.
the target speech signal is generated at the very front of the microphone
array, while the background noise comes from other directions. The number
of interference noise should be limited(less than M-1, where M is the
number of microphones used).

       Could you give the speech data which meet the requirements above?

       Thanks a lot and expect your reply.

       May you be happy in the new year!

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