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Re: Gaussian vs uniform noise audibility

Eckard Blumschein wrote (in part):
>Complex Fourier transform requires a lot of arbitrariness. Short time FT
>tries to abstains from the basic arbitrariness by close adaptation to the
>natural current zero of time. You might be right in so far that this
>hopping of the origin could be made quasi continuous in a similar manner as
>I manage to do it more easily with the simpler FCT. Would you please be so
>kind telling us some references if it is more than just your idea?

I usually give

Jont B. Allen, "Short Term Spectral Analysis, Synthesis, and Modification
by Discrete Fourier Transform", IEEE ASSP-25, June, 1977, pp. 235-238.

The author starts from the continuous case and then imposes sampling and
gives the conditions for minimal time sampling of the filter outputs.
The frame rate has to be at least twice the lowpass-equivalent bandwidth
of the analysis filters, or put another way, twice the bandwidth of the
Fourier transform of the window function.