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Re: The natural spectrogram

Eckard Blumschein wrote (in part):
>>>Isn't the usual spectrogram subject to the notorious trade-off beween
>>>spectral and temporal resolution?
>>Well sure, but we can let the human ear tell us where to be on that
>This might be not quite correct for several reasons. The smallest product
>delta t times delta f of hearing is much better than according to the
>uncertainty principle.
>Aren't about 10 microseconds and 1 Hz realistic? The product is 10^-5 << 1.
>Frequency resolution of the natural spectrogram is not at all restricted,
>in principle.

10 usec and 1 Hz might be JND's for special cases, but I doubt very much
that they could be discriminated simultaneously. Can you offer an acoustic
example where they are? In fact, what is the smallest product that has
been observed, and how does it vary with frequency, intensity, and other