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Re: Gaussian vs. uniform noise audibility

Dear List:

I hereby retract my claims of 26 Jan 2004 regarding the audibility
of Gaussian noise at low standard deviations.  As Dr. Nelkin has
kindly (and patiently!) pointed out to me off-list, the SD can have no
possible effect other than an apparent loudness change.  My observation
of a qualitative difference at SD = 0.1 was due to a faulty algorithm.

I should like to stress that the discrepancy was due to the low-SD tails
not tapering off properly.  Please do not rely upon DaqGen at SD much
below 1.0 until I have corrected the algorithm and notified the list.

My main finding is unchanged: There was no qualitative difference
between a uniform distribution and a Gaussian distribution.

Sorry of any confusion this has caused, and a hearty thanks to Dr. Nelkin
for his astuteness and his perseverance in resolving this.

Robert Masta

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