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Re: Is there considerable phase locking up to 6 kHz?

Dear Richard F. Lyon,

At 16 Mar 2004 17:49:52, Richard F. Lyon wrote:

>Similar questions come up in binaural laterization by
>cross-correlation.  It is impossible to localize sinusoids around 4
>to 6 kHz, but if I recall correctly, complexes with enough temporal
>structure in that frequency band can be localized quite well,
>corresponding to time errors well under a cycle.  It seems to me that
>if we can localize such sounds, then there must be enough synchrony
>there to use for pitch extraction as well.

I think this paper is relevant to this approach.

K. Krumbholza, R.D. Patterson, A. Nobbe, and H. Fastl. (2003). Microsecond temporal resolution in monaural hearing without spectral cues? J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 113 (5):2790-2800.

Chen-Gia Tsai

Chen-Gia Tsai

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