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Re: Is there considerable phase locking up to 6 kHz?

Dear Chen-Gia Tsai,

I use three stimuli:
A={400*9, 400*11, 400*13} Hz
B={400*11, 400*13, 400*15} Hz
C={400*13, 400*15, 400*17} Hz

If we listen to [ABC], we can hear an ascending melody,
I seem not to get your point. If ABC of the above three stimuli is
perceived as an ascending melody, this is surely due to their spectral
content being at increasingly high frequency values. The mid-frequncy of
A is 4400 Hz, of B 5200 Hz, of C it is 6000 Hz. Why should any simple
"place" model of pitch perception not predict that one perceives a
rising melody in ABC?

Temporal pitch extraction would extract 400 Hz in all three cases (if
operating flawlessly, and all effects of compression etc. put aside) .
Thus, if listening to your temporal pitch extractor (if you were
selectively able to do so) you would hear 400, 400, 400 Hz, i.e. no rise
in pitch (but change in timbre).

Christian Kaernbach