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2 post-doctoral positions in music structure research (London, UK)

Dear Auditory list members,

the following post-doctoral positions may be suitable for recent PhD's
with a background in auditory research. (Closing March 22nd).

Best regards,

Dr. Michael Casey, Lecturer
Centre for Computational Creativity
City University, London
+44 (0)20 7040 8380

Job Title: Post-Doctoral Research Assistant for SeMMA project
Tenure: Fixed term for three years
Responsible to: Prof. Mark Sandler (Queen Mary College University of
London) and Dr Michael Casey (City University London)

Project Overview:
The 3 year Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)
project Hierarchical Segmentation and Semantic Markup of Musical Signals
is a collaboration between the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary
University of London and the Centre for Computational Creativity at City
University. It is concerned with the extraction and exploitation of
musically relevant semantic features direct from musical content. Each
partner will employ one post-doctoral researcher. It is expected that both
researchers will spend some time in each other's laboratory, which are
only about 2 miles apart in Central London.

Main Duties:
The aim of this research programme is to develop new signal processing
algorithms that perform meaningful segmentations of musical signals. The
specific objectives are to:

 develop new machine learning techniques to automatically produce a
hierarchical segmentation directly from an audio recording
 evaluate the methods and algorithms using a test corpus consisting of a
range of different musical styles and recording qualities
 develop a framework to construct two applications (information retrieval
& intelligent editing) and evaluate the performance and opportunities

The post-docs will engage in research to fulfil the requirements of the
grant. They must have expertise in some of the following research areas:

 DSP for Music and Audio.
 Statistical (Bayesian) Modelling and Statistical Mechanics
 Low level audio feature extraction (e.g. MFCC)
 Databases and Music Information Retreival
 MPEG7, XML, C++, Java, Matlab

They will be required to co-operate with and to communicate with members
of the research team at the other partner, and be required to attend
regular project meetings.

The post-docs will be required to write and to edit contributions to
project documents, including learned papers for journals and conferences.
Additionally the post-doc will be offered the opportunity to lecture on
Masters level courses as part of career development.

Deadline for applicatoin: 5PM GMT 22nd March '04
For details of how to apply see