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(Fwd) Re: place pitch and temporal pitch

It seems like Dr. Braun is saying that because a 5 Khz sinusoids can
not be matched to a harmonic complex, it doesn't have a pitch. Why
should that necessarily be a restraint? I've heard 4KHz and 8KHz
sinusoids and the 8KHz always sounds higher than the 4 KHz. It's not
timbre--- because it's a different pitch. Place theories are
incomplete as is a purely temporal theory.

Seebeck would have loved you though.

> On Friday, March 19, 2004 8:38 AM, Christian Kaernbach wrote:
> > Evidence for place pitch: A sinusoid of 5 kHz elicits undoubtedly
> > a perception of pitch. There is no phase locking in mammals at
> > that high frequency, and as it is a sinusoid there is no envelope,
> > so this can only be place pitch.
> How can you say that a sinusoid of 5 kHz elicits a perception of
> pitch? You cannot make pitch-matching experiments with harmonic
> complexes as references in this range. At 5 kHz there usually is no
> longer a perception of pitch chroma. This effect of "frozen chroma"
> is commonly taken as sign that the pitch extractor is no longer
> functional. Also, such stimuli never occur in natural sounds.
> Therefore our hearing is not adapted to them. I see no reason why
> the percept a sinusoid of 5 kHz can be called pitch. I suggest that
> you tell your students to call the percept a percept of timbre.
> Martin
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