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post-doctoral position wanted

Dear all,

I am currently looking for a post-doctoral position in
psychoacoustics/speech perception.

My PhD work was on the measurement of frequency-band importance
for speech recognition in noise and multi-talker-babble backgrounds in
normal-hearing, hearing-listeners (and marginally, cochlear-implant)
listeners, using a correlational approach.

If you need more information, please send me an email at
ggilbert@olfac.univ-lyon1.fr, or contact my PhD supervisor (Dr.
Micheyl, cmicheyl@mit.edu) for references.

Gaėtan Gilbert, Ph.D.

Universite Claude Bernard LYON 1
CNRS - UMR5020
Laboratoire des Neurosciences et Systemes Sensoriels
50, avenue Tony Garnier
69366 LYON Cedex 07