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Re: Inexpensive hearing aids - Consideration of Piano harmonics

I will on Monday, when I can access my reference list supply a the bibliography that I handed out in Vancouver.  However, I put a filter on my database for Inhibition, Music, Plasticity, and Deprivation.  Here are a sampling of the articles I could reference. 

 It would take me a while to pull out the type of specifics you would like.  I would gladly do it for you, but it would take me a few hours or days in order to address each specific issue. 

I do agree that in research specifics are essential, but when I'm fitting a patient, the accumulated information I have also needs to be flexible enough for the subjective perception of each individual patient.  That's where I don't marry myself to one specific formula or fitting strategy.  There are currently 8 prescription formulas available and I'm sure in the future we will have more.  The difference in fitting strategies of these formulas varies from the softest to the loudest by 15dB.  That tells me that we are spending an inexobitant amount of time trying to quantifiy through objective measures the functioning of the hearing aid.  This is fine as long as we don't try to force patients into wearing hearing aids based on what the machine tells us is appropriate.  The machine does not have to listen to the newspaper crackling or the refrigerator running.  Unfortunately in our zeal to justify the use of hearing aids through objective ! tests, the patients are not being followed appropriately.

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