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Re: Yet again on hearing aids

I quite like the strawman argument that there is only 'science' and
'witchcraft', with nothing in between! -though I'm not quite sure that's
what you meant. I think the point you raised was whether one can adhere to a
method that is only partly scientific. Inevitable, I'd say; surely, science
is a method of enquiry, not a clinically prescriptive one?
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Sent: 29 March 2004 17:05
Subject: Re: Yet again on hearing aids

> Al, this is a bit out of context and not the original issue but a side
> Barbara raised.  The iriginal issue had to do with harmonic fitting of
> aids.  I agree that fitting by formula never does better than get you
> in the ball park but I would also point out that there are many hearing
aids in
> dresser drawers regardless of how they are fitted.  Be all that as it may,
if we
> delete the science from hearing aid fitting, what do we have left other
> witch craft?
> Tom
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