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Re: surround sound tech info?


I think the list you are looking for is music-dsp:


Although the discussion can get very technical, that is only because
many of the subscribers are so knowledgeable about the subject.

Kind regards,

Ashley Burgoyne

On 31 Mar 2004, at 9:26, Jim Stevenson wrote:

Where can I get detailed descriptions of how to generate surround sound
using csound and other computer music languages?
Which are the best sound cards, laptops, and external processors?

Which are the most accessible surround sound processors to the blind?
That means ability to control them by key strokes,
without reference to the on screen menues.

I am especially interested in surround sound music, both in new
and simulation of surround sound using older stereo recordings.

I want to learn about both arrays of speakers and simulations with

I am also looking for stereo receivers, with the max number of preset
not an up and down jog wheel.

I need manuals for Dennon, Yamaha, Panasonic, and other external
processors and receivers,
and comparisons of their different models.
I need these manuals in plain text, not PDF.

I also need technical descriptions of the different modes.

I would also appreciate pointers to lists that discuss such topics,
and how to subscribe to them by email.


If you must quote me, please put your comments first.
I have already listened to mine.

I read email with speech.
So it is not possible to scroll past the quotes without listening to
them again,
to quickly get to the new information.

Thanks much again as always.