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ASCII e-mails to the list, please

Dear List Members

May I kindly ask you to stick to simple ASCII mails and avoid the use of
HTML and/or attachments? I am inscribed in several lists and can manage
the flow of e-mails only by using the digest mode. HTML gets nearly
unreadable in digests, and attachments are simply a bulk of hex digits.
In recent time, the amount of such mails has increased, making it more
and more hard to find those tiny little ASCII mails that I can (and want
to) read. You might get an idea what these mails look like in digest
form if going to the archives. I post two links here that may serve as
an example:
   Sarah:    http://www.auditory.org/postings/2004/298.html
   Barbara:  http://www.auditory.org/postings/2004/302.html
There are many other examples like this one. The first part is readable,
but then comes long and bulky code, twenty times as long as the ASCII
mail. Now imagine this all attached together like we get it if opting
for digest mode. It is very hard to find the ASCII parts between those
long and unreadable code sections.

Thank you for your consideration,
Best regards,

Dr. Christian Kaernbach
Institut fuer Allgemeine Psychologie
Universitaet Leipzig
Seeburgstr. 14-20
04 103 Leipzig