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Re: Difference between cognition and perception?

I searched for the phrase "music cognition" and "music perception" (with
quotes around both), rather than the individual search terms.  I don't
know why..

But then I don't know why yesterday it seemed funny  ;-)

Jorge Cardoso wrote:

The reason for the dominance of the perception concept in

music is that here

cognition is not needed.

No cognition at all?  Though you cite strong evidence--I
agree, we have
no "Music Cognition" journal---the oracle (i.e. Google) suggests
something different::
"music cognition" = 7,880 hits
"music perception" = 14,800 hits

Thus we can safely conclude with regard to music that there
is a roughly
2 to 1 ratio of perception to cognition. This may not seem like much
cognition at all. But consider the visual analog:

"visual cognition"= 16,300 hits
"visual perception"= 216,000 hits

Strange, I get very different 'googling' results (although I don't
really know how reliable these are ;) :

"music cognition" =  188,000 hits
"music perception" = 1,090,000  hits

Ratio = 5.80

"visual cognition"= 267,000 hits
"visual perception"= 1,430,000  hits

Ratio = 5.36


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