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Re: Difference between cognition and perception?

Odd Torleiv Furnes wrote:

 Second, as the prime aspect of
listening to music probably is that of pattern detection, memory -
both of
the recent unfolding events and of stored musical schemas - is active.

Despite the fact that you're reiterating a point I made in an earlier post,
I don't agree that "pattern detection" is "THE prime aspect of listening
to music."
THE prime aspect of listening to music is the fact that it has affective
significance. It's easy to say, "well we must extract such significance from
patterns," but we don't know that for a fact.

For example, it's completely not clear in what way "patterns" are at work
in our appreciation of harmony, or the tone quality of mother's lullaby-ing

If Martin is arguing against cognition here, he possibly has something
like affect in mind as the basic factor in music.  After all, enjoyment is
at issue, the question is whether this enjoyment necessarily takes the
form of a cognitive parse. I say it does at a microlevel, but there
are clearly many other factors.

-- eliot