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Re: Difference between cognition and perception? long - <sigh>

I think Schaeffer is now understood principally as a historically
important radio producer, and as co-composer, with Pierre Henry, of some
early landmark works of musique concrete (initially done on disks).  The
subsequent theoretical project, to create a solfege-like classification
of concrete sounds, was neither completed nor did it find wide usage.

In recent years Schaeffer distanced himself from the entire musique
concrete project.  He is quoted as saying "the only real music goes Do,
Re, Mi".

To which John Cage replied: "I think he should consider going further up
the scale".

Daniel Wolf

Kevin Austin wrote:

Vincent Rioux vincent.rioux@NO-LOG.ORG wrote:

 - Moreover (consequently?) there has been some kind of controversies
 around the work of Schaeffer. What is his status today after all,
 scientist? composer? philosopher? "maitre penser"?

In my experience, outside of higher academic circles, within the UK,
the USA, Australia and much of Canada, the text is un-read and it is
largely a(n obscure) historical reference.