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Post-doctoral position, electrophysiology, Baltimore

Post-Doctoral Position: Encoding of Dynamic Spectrum in Auditory Cortex

One or more post-doctoral positions are available in the Program for
Neurosciences of the School of Medicine of the University of Maryland in
Baltimore, to work in the laboratory of Dr. Didier Depireux.

The overall goal of the research is to determine how the shape of the
acoustic spectrum, or spectro-temporal envelope, is represented in the
neural responses of the auditory system (cortex and inferior colliculus)
using the animal model of an awake and alert ferret. In our laboratory, we
use a combination of electrophysiological recordings, psychophysical testing
and system models to characterize response and encoding of features. The
project involves correlated psychophysical studies in ferrets and human
The successful candidate will have training experience in either
psychoacoustics (with significant neuroscience interest or background),
electrophysiology in animals, or a strong interest in applying theoretical
and quantitative methods to the field of neuroscience. Programming
experience, especially using MATLAB, would be extremely helpful. Salary will
be according to the NIH pay scale. The position is available immediately,
but a later start time may be negotiated.

Please contact Didier Depireux at ddepi001@umaryland.edu if interested.

Didier A Depireux      ddepi001@umaryland.edu   didier@isr.umd.edu
20 Penn Str - S218E http://neurobiology.umaryland.edu/depireux.htm
Anatomy and Neurobiology                 Phone: 410-706-1272 (lab)
University of Maryland                                 -1273 (off)
Baltimore MD 21201 USA                         Fax: 1-410-706-2512