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Re: small speakers


I had the same goals and I ended up using speakers made from drivers
NSW1-205-8A from Aura Sound:

I wanted acoustic sources with the lowest possible source size and
minimal diffraction, so I used 1" drivers in a tear-drop (mostly
spherical) shaped enclosure.  These drivers are over-achievers.  I don't
know whether to describe them as 1" woofers that go up to 20 kHz, or as
tweeters that go down to 200 Hz.  If you need to go lower there is a 2"

If you would like construction details please feel free to contact me
off-list.  And if you have a problem procuring them in the UK, I'd be
happy to help.

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Dear List,

I am hoping to construct a speaker array for use in some auditory
localisation experiments.

I would probably start with 9 speakers. The speakers will need to be as
small as possible whilst still having a frequency response wide enough
to reproduce broadband white noise.

I'm hoping to turn them on/off via Matlab and the parallel port of a PC.

It would be good (but not essential) if they could cope with being
attached to a wall mounted bracke.

Also they will need to be relativley cheap and ideally available in the

If any list members know of a speaker manufacturer/supplier/model which
might meet some of these criterion I would be grateful for any

Many thanks,


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