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Re: Private v List replies ...

At 20:56 26/4/04, Richard H. wrote:

I often send a private reply when I mean a List reply - due to the
incoming messages showing the private address of the poster.
I do this instinctively, as all the other forums I use provide the List
address for replies.

Also I often receive replies to my posts - but I won't post them onto the
list just in case the sender REALLY meant to send the
message privately.

Is there any way of configuring the system to set the reply address to the
List by default?
As you are using Outlook Express, just hit the 'Reply All' button instead
of 'Reply'. That way you will send to both the list and the individual (and
any other listed recipients).  If you happen to be replying to a private
(one-recipient) mail, this will also work correctly and reply to just that