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Auditory Streaming


I'm currently studying for a Masters in Music and Media Technology in Trinity 
College Dublin and I am working on a dissertation on Auditory Scene Analysis, 
particularly in auditory streaming as used by the modern composer.

I am aware that Albert Bregman in the main authority on this subject and I 
have both his book and his auditory examples. I was just wondering if anyone 
is aware of any new material, on the web or printed, that is out there on the 
subject. I have searched extensively but have not found any other author that 
has made a significant contribution in this area.

I feel I may be missing something important and would like to do a well 
rounded, extensive study. If anyone knows any any material that is out there, 
I would greatly appreciate it if you could let me know where I might get a 
hold of it.

Thank you,
Roisin Loughran